They're coming. They're bringing their trailers and their banners. They're setting up camp in abandoned parking lots. They're littering the roadside with cheap signs and cheaper promises. They're coming from Texas, they're coming from Kansas, they're crawling out from under rocks like cockroaches. Cockroaches that haven't eaten in a year. And they're hungry.

Whenever there is a threat of hail they come. Like carnival workers looking to swindle the innocent with a rigged game of ring toss. They'll take your money and leave in the night. In and out like a demon's whisper. In there wake is nothing but shoddy dent repair work and broken hearts and no warranty.

Protect yourself. Choose a local facility with experienced dent repair technicians and body repair experts. If you have auto hail damage report it to your insurance company. Hail damage claims will not increase your premiums. Your insurance company will recommend a repair facility but your are not obligated to use that facility. You may get your repairs done where you see fit. You have the control.

1 Stop Auto Shop is an Oklahoma owned and operated full service auto repair shop. We are rated with the Better Business Bureau and have roots that run deep in this state. We are not going anywhere. We have the best paintless dent repair technicians in the state. We take pride in the customer experience and strive each day make each one of our guests completely satisfied.

We work with your insurance company to make sure you get the most from your claim. We have forged good relationships with many insurance providers. Your effort with 1 Stop Auto Shop is minimal. It's as simple as making a phone call and dropping your vehicle off.

Each vehicle that has their hail damage repaired at 1 Stop will receive a full service auto detail. This is a bargain at $150 but it's absolutely free to hail repair guests. Your vehicle will look better after you pick it up than before it was damaged. All at no cost to you. We also have our "1 Stop Friends" referral program. Each time you refer someone to 1 Stop Auto Shop and they have their hail damaged repaired with us you will receive a shiny new $100 bill!

If you take nothing from this please remember to choose a local facility for all of your automotive needs.

1 Stop Auto Shop is located at 5505 NW 50th in Oklahoma City. You can call (405) 470-7888 or visit www.1StopAutoShopOKC.com to schedule an appointment.

Thanks and be safe this storm season!

Oklahoma's Hail Repair Experts

We work with insurance adjusters to make sure you get the most from your claim. Auto hail damage claims will not increase your premiums, so not getting your car repaired will only devalue it and make it harder to get future claims. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you with the entire process. Call 1 Stop Auto at 470-7888 to schedule a appointment.


What Is Hail?

What is hail? Watch the video below to learn about hail and auto hail damage. Auto Hail Repair, sometimes called paintless dent repair or PDR is a cost effective way to repair minor dents and dings. In Oklahoma hail is fairly common, so common that people come in from other states just to do hail work. Sometimes these people will take your money, do shoddy work, and leave town. 1 Stop Auto Shop is a locally owned and operated repair shop that handles auto repair, auto hail repair and auto detail or anything else that your car may need. If your car has a full coverage insurance your hail repair costs could be zero. Because hail is considered an act of God your premiums will not increase. Call 405-470-7888 to schedule an appointment or visit www.1StopAutoShopOKC.com or www.OklahomaAutoHailRepair.com.


The Hail Is Back!

Hail season is starting once again in Oklahoma. Be prepared, be informed. Choose a locally owned and operated auto hail repair facility. Body shops are expensive and time consuming, dent repair specialtst may not be able to fix all of your dents, so wouldn't it be great if there was a locally owned and operated facilty that did both and was rated with the Better Business Bureau? Hey, 1 Stop Auto Shop is all of those things and more! Call 405-470-7888 or visit www.1StopAutoShopOKC.com to schedule an appointment!

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